You Soon Might Have To Trust A Robot To Give You A Tattoo

Robots are starting to lend a hand to humans in more ways than one. From getting people out of parking tickets to making a hearty meal for their master, it won’t be long till we are literally living in the world of the Jetsons. But menial tasks aside, would you want an android put some ink on you?

That is the question being asked by Pierre Emm and Johan da Silveira, who created the industrial robot arm – Tatoué – that can give humans tattoos. How it works is they will scan the body part that will be tattooed, which is then uploaded through the Dynamo design software to translate it into a language the computer will understand. Test subjects don’t have to fear the robot using lasers or new technology, as Tatoué will be using a standard tattoo gun with a needle and ink. So don’t worry, it will still be the same amount of pain. Emm and Silveira told QZ they are interested in trying something new in an age old practice.

“It was very interesting to us to investigate the traditional art of tattooing, which is practiced differently in various countries. Equally, the fact that there is a lack of technological evolution in the tattoo industry over the past one hundred years interested us.”

Veteran tattoo artists may not take too kindly to a robot taking their jobs, as it takes years to cultivate a portfolio and some people only go to veteran artists for pristine artwork. Not too mention the robot uprising that may occur after customers voice their displeasure at shotty workmanship.

(Via QZ)