Rod Stewart Footed Travel Costs For Disabled Children To Protest Medicaid Cuts In D.C.

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Throughout Congressional Republican’s efforts to pass their own healthcare bill, the offices of House and Senate Republicans have been flooded with protestors. Members of Trach Mommas of Louisiana, an advocacy group that offers support to families with disabled children, wanted to travel to Washington, D.C. to join similar groups protesting Medicaid cuts but were unable to afford their hefty travel costs. After hearing about the group’s plans to charter a bus from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and their lack of funds, British singer Rod Stewart stepped up and covered the $30,000 travel bill.

Stewart saw a news report about the group and wrote to his manager and asked him to find out who they were. “I’d like to help in some way,” Stewart wrote. His team then tracked the group down and offered them the money to take their trip.

“Some of you may know that I live in America and pay my taxes here,” the “Young Turks” and “Stay With Me” singer said. “I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but I am a father.”

Unfortunately for the group, they were unable to meet with any of their representatives or Republican National Committee members during their trip. However, the group has nothing but positive things to say about the experience.

“It was beyond our wildest dreams. Not just anybody paid for it, but Rod Stewart!” organizer Angela Lorio said. “God always hears your prayers and answers them, they just might not be answered in the way that you expect.”

(Via CNN)