Roy Moore Compares The Avalanche Of Pedophilia Allegations Against Him To The Trump/Russia Investigation

With the president deciding against physically campaigning for Roy Moore in Alabama and outside groups trying to give Moore an assist, the Republican Senate hopeful has turned from calling his accusers liars to trying to blame it all on a conspiracy dreamed up by politicians and the media.

Speaking at a campaign event on Monday night, Moore said, “Politicians will stop at nothing to win an election.” Moore then alleged that his opponent, Doug Jones, is receiving “a million dollars every four days” which Moore called “extravagant.”

Moore then directly accused the Washington Post of crafting allegations of sexual misconduct against minors by Moore while at the same time calling Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation a campaign to impede the Republican legislative agenda:

“It’s no different than when the Washington Post brought out the Russia investigation at a time when President Trump is trying to get his agenda passed. That’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re taking attention away, and they’re not getting anything they’re doing. They’re taking attention away from the Senate, and the Congress, who can’t pass legislation.”

Moore went on to say that he would not be defeated because of these “false attacks.” His comments came hours after the Washington Post published a story which detailed how the paper doesn’t blindly publish unverified accusations against Roy Moore.

(Via CNN & The Hill)