Rudy Giuliani: Voters Have A ‘Faulty Memory’ If They Think Trump Is Responsible For ‘Birtherism’

While speaking with Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union, Rudy Giuliani claims that black voters may have a “faulty memory” over who truly started the controversial “birther” movement. This was in response to Tapper pressing Giulinai on Trump apologizing for his support of the idea in past years, citing the concerns of many black voters and Trump’s recent appeals.

Giuliani goes on to say that Hillary Clinton was the first to bring up the issue of Barack Obama’s birth, which Tapper corrects him on very quickly and notes that Trump has still rallied behind the idea as recent as February 2015 during CPAC:

“So, Hillary Clinton wanted to see Obama’s birth certificate, John McCain wanted it and I wanted it. Obama didn’t produce the birth certificate for them, but he did it for me,” he said.

“I certainly wanted it,” Trump concluded. “Now all we have to do is find out whether or not it is real.”

Tapper asks Giuliani if a Trump apology would help assuage voters and remove the “bitterness” from their mouths over the candidate’s stance on the birther movement, leading to Giuliani’s dropping a grocery list of his own accomplishments and how it compares to Donald Trump:

“I think Donald Trump is the first Republican since Jack Kemp — and me — to go into minority, poor communities and say the Demorcrats have failed you for 50 years…it’s going from bad to worse.”

Giuliani also says that Barack Obama should be ashamed for allowing food stamp rates to jump, but never really touches on a possible Trump apology. Tapper attempts to bring it back to his original point, but it does not happen. There’s plenty of truth in the words that Giuliani is saying, but the most telling part is when he’s first mentioning apologies. If there’s one thing that has been apparent from this election, nobody is in a hurry to apologize for anything.

(Via Mediaite / CNN / WND)