This Sad Donald Trump Cake Is Cooking Up Delicious (And Hilarious) Memes

In this contentious election cycle, there’s only one thing Democrats, Republicans, and Independents can agree on: cake is delicious. Maybe not ketchup cake, but every other kind of cake, including: carrot cake, cheesecake, ice cream cake, and especially birthday cake. But even the most scrumptious cake can be ruined if it happens to look like a sad presidential candidate. A cake in the approximate shape of Donald Trump’s face was escorted to New York’s Trump Tower on Tuesday evening, until it was “moved to election night HQ at the Hilton,” according to CNN’s Noah Gray.

It did not look happy to be there.

The cake was baked by Melissa Alt, who told the Boston Globe that she was “trying to capture Trump in the images I took of him from the Internet, and just worked from them.” It took her 50 hours to complete cakes for both Trump and Hillary Clinton, which “was an order, and then we decided to do Trump as well. I saw it as a good opportunity.” Alt won’t reveal who she voted for, but “hopefully we will get a picture of Trump with the cake. Or maybe him eating the cake.” Or smearing it in Rudy Giuliani’s face if he wins.

The horror. Less horrific: these memes.

(Via the Boston Globe)