Bernie Sanders And Anderson Cooper Laugh At Trump’s ‘Nobody Knew Health Care Could Be So Complicated’ Claim

On Monday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper hosted Bernie Sanders to uproariously laugh at the most hilarious Donald Trump one-liner of the day. There were plenty of options from which to choose, including Trump’s defense of a military spending hike: “We need to start winning wars again.” He also dismissed the idea of a special prosecutor on Russian ties by lying: “I haven’t called Russia in 10 years.” However, Sanders and Cooper’s reaction revolved around Trump declaring, “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”

This was Trump’s way of explaining the slow-arriving nature of an Obamacare replacement, and as one would expect, Sanders thought this was the funniest thing he’s heard in awhile. Meanwhile, Anderson delivered his patented look of incredulity, and it was like old times. Cooper always has the best reaction faces, and it’s hard to resist the Bern laugh of abandonment, and really, who didn’t know that health care was complicated? Anyone who’s dealt with a doctor’s bill knows this is true, and everyone with a lick of policy experience knows that these regulations are rough. Trump likely doesn’t fall into the first category, and he’s definitely not part of the second one.

So, it’s not too surprising to hear that Trump’s befuddled at the impossible maze of health care, although he tells the American people that the GOP worked very, very hard on this Obamacare replacement, which he hopes to unveil soon. In case you missed this zinger, here’s an instant replay.