Sarah Palin Made No Sense In Her Unhinged Endorsement Of Donald Trump

Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump at a rally in Ames, Iowa on Tuesday. Lucky for us, Palin gave us the most rambling, incoherent and flat-out unhinged speech on Trump’s behalf. That half-smile/half-grimace on his face says it all.

After greeting “all you rock and rollers, all you holy rollers” at the Iowa rally, Palin explains that she’s here because she’s “in it to win it,” and elect someone who is not a “capitulator in chief” who wouldn’t negotiate “like a community organizer maybe organizing a neighborhood tea” with a country like Iran to get American troops back home. Instead, she trusts someone who knows “the art of the deal.”

Palin’s speech is a word salad all the way through, and she spares no one. Not Iran, not Obama, not Isis, not trade deals, not crony capitalists who keep the borders open to “suck off of them” (what does she mean?). Not the GOP establishment, who’s “attacking their own frontrunner.”

The internet has collected some of the standalone insanity, like when Palin says that politicians are addicted to opium, which symbolizes your money, in an analogy gone wrong:

This one makes it clear that Palin should get into slam poetry:

This wouldn’t be a Sarah Palin speech without some folksiness like this call to arms: “No more pussyfooting around, our troops deserve the best! You deserve the best!”

Make America Great Again, indeed.