Some Of Sarah Palin’s Most Outspoken Supporters Are Upset That She Endorsed Donald Trump

Sarah Palin Meets With Donald Trump In New York During Her Bus Tour
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It turns out that some conservatives do care that Donald Trump once proclaimed support for pro-choice and pro-gay policies. Some of Sarah Palin’s supporters–rather, her former supporters–are criticizing the politician for endorsing Trump, based on his past “Democratic” views.

The New York Times reports on these people airing their views on Palin’s Facebook page, accusing Trump of being everything from “pro-abortion” to supporting gay marriage and for not having a proper fear of the Lord.

Apparently, even in the Tea Party, there’s such a thing as being too independent: “Very sorry to see that Sarah Palin has decided that being a maverick is more important than being a conservative.”

Here are some other irate, long-winded, questionably spelled rants from anti-Trump/anti-Palin voters:

So Donald Trump is going to reveal himself as a Democrat after he makes it into the White House? Sign me up for that scenario. And “Every family has issues.” Perfect.

There are also some great comments on a post where Palin links to her daughter Bristol’s article, “Is THIS Why People Don’t Like Cruz?”

Further proof that this endorsement has been the best thing to happen so far in this election.

(via New York Times)