Police Are Investigating A Double School Shooting In Glendale, Arizona

Police are on the scene of a reported double shooting at Glendale, Arizona’s Independence High School. Initial CNN reports indicate a crime scene on a patio area next to the school’s main building (after shots were reported shortly after school began on Friday). Nearby streets remain closed until police complete their operations. This situation is in flux, and police have placed Independence High School on lockdown. Authorities believe the situation is “isolated” with no further danger to students.

ABC 15 in Phoenix first reported that one female student may be dead with one more injured, but these reports were’t immediately confirmed by Glendale police. Authorities haven’t released any information about possible suspects. Officers will soon hold a media briefing to discuss the Friday morning incident. For now, students remain on lockdown, but (in all likelihood) parents will soon be able to pick up their teenagers.

UPDATE – 12:55pm EST: Police have confirmed that two female students were killed with a weapon found near their bodies. However and according to Officer Tracey Breeden, “We don’t believe that there’s any suspects that are out there … that we’re searching for.” At this point, Breeden “can’t confirm” whether the situation is homicide-suicide or a double suicide.

This situation seems particularly chilling in light of the first TV interview from Sue Klebold, the mother of Columbine killer Dylan Klebold. Sue, who will soon release a memoir, has largely refrained from media appearances since the 1999 school massacre. She will speak with ABC’s Diane Sawyer on Friday evening.

(Via ABC 15 in Arizona and CNN)