Scott Baio Has No Idea How He And Jon Voight Can Help Trump Fight Liberal Hollywood, But He Vows To Do It

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Scott Baio has been Donald Trump’s most ardent celebrity supporter, with the former Happy Days star even speaking at the Republican National Convention. Baio has come to The Donald’s defense a number of times and doesn’t worry who he offends in the process. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Baio addressed Trump’s recent “locker room banter” tape and how he and Jon Voight are teaming up to tackle liberal Hollywood. How they will do that, though, they’re still not sure.

Several prominent Republicans have withdrawn their support for Trump over his 2005 lewd comments against women. But Baio said he is still standing by Trump’s side. When asked why he is still supporting Trump after theses comments, the former Scott Baio is 45 … and Single star said he wants a president who speaks like a man and that Hillary Clinton has a far worse vocabulary:

“I’d much rather have a guy who talks like a guy as opposed to a woman who lies and people die, then lies some more, right to people’s faces, and pretty much lies about everything … Every guy I’ve ever known talks a little like that, even Paul Ryan when he was in a fraternity. And we know that Hillary talks worse than that. She uses ‘mother f*cker,’ she says she doesn’t like “every day people,” but it’s okay, because she doesn’t mean it that way. It’s all ass-backwards.”

Baio went on to say that he and Jon Voight are some of the few conservatives in Hollywood that are bullied by liberals in the city of stars. He stated he doesn’t care being dissed for his Trump support, but did confirm that he received a death threat from an anonymous person at a charity event. He and Voight plan to fight the liberal elite over Trump, but he hasn’t decided how to do that yet:

“My country is upside down in every area and it needs to be turned right again. With Hillary, it goes more upside down — it goes down a rat hole. If Trump wins and does nothing else but stop it, I’m happy…We haven’t decided yet. I’d tell you, but I just don’t know yet.”

It’s mid-October and Baio still has not cracked his attack plan. But Trump did say the election is on November 28, so he’s got some extra time to plan.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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