Sean Hannity Is Threatening To Expose CNN And NBC News For A Supposed ‘Epic Fail’

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Like many talk show hosts, Sean Hannity is off for the holidays this week, but he’s still cantankerous as ever on Twitter. Late Tuesday night, Trump’s biggest cable news mouthpiece tweeted that in one week he plans to expose CNN and NBC News for an alleged “epic fail.” He then wrote, “Happy New Year to all irredeemable deplorables. 2018, cling to God Faith Bibles religion.”

It sounds like Hannity is really ready to blow the lid off of this whole thing, whatever the “thing” in question actually is. If he’s sitting on a powder keg that could finally oust CNN and NBC News as the “fake news media” that he and the commander-in-chief routinely insist they are, then why wait until after the holidays? Strike while the iron is hot, as they say.

It’s unclear whether or not Hannity’s latest accusations have anything to do with his all-caps Twitter meltdown last month when he caught wind that CNN was planning to run a segment related to his advertiser boycott. Although it now seems like several news cycles ago — as you’ll recall, Keurig and others pulled advertisements from Hannity’s Fox News program after he publicly backed accused child predator and (now) failed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Either way, it’s clear that Hannity has a bone to pick.

(Via Mediaite)