Sean Hannity Accuses George Soros Of Funding An Effort To Remove Him From Fox News In A Wild Twitter Rant

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Things aren’t so great at Fox News right now. Hosts and executives are dropping like flies, it seems like everyone is being sued, their president keeps messing up, and, worst of all, the ratings are down. Sean Hannity has been doing his part to flip the script by spreading the conspiracy theory that Seth Rich, the former DNC staffer who was murdered in a botched robbery, was a Wikileaks source for DNC emails and killed by the Clintons in revenge — which would (in Hannity’s eyes) mean the Trump-Russia investigation is bunk.

Unfortunately for Hannity, Fox News has retracted its story about Seth Rich after it was repeatedly proven false. On the air, Hannity finally balked, saying he would stop discussing Seth Rich. Over on Twitter though, Hannity shows no signs of stopping, even ranting that the criticism he’s received for his Seth Rich “reporting” is part of a grand conspiracy against him funded by George Soros.

In a series of tweets, Hannity linked out to conservative news sources in an attempt to link George Soros’ connection to Media Matters and other liberal operators’ anti-Trump PACs as part of the conspiracy against him. He does this all while he continuing to tweet vaguely about Seth Rich.

To Hannity’s credit, Media Matters did publish a list of his advertisers, and advertisers flocking away is what finally sealed the deal for Bill O’Reilly’s firing (which was also chalked up the a liberal conspiracy).

Hannity, even after his network retracted the story, has refused to the take the L, though.

Hannity must be getting nervous about all of this because he even has his own hashtag that his fans can use to let Fox News know that they will no longer watch if Hannity is dropped like O’Reilly.

What is clear from all of this is that Sean Hannity is in no way, shape, or form angry online.