A Seattle Man Has Been Arrested Over Suspicious Packages Sent To D.C.-Area Military Facilities

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Several military and intelligence installations, most of them located in Washington D.C., went on high alert earlier this week after several suspicious packages were discovered. While no one was injured, the packages were of great concern after a serial bomber struck Austin. However, similarly to the man who mailed powder and a threatening letter to Donald Trump Jr., an arrest was made quickly.

NBC News reports that Tranh Cong Phan, a 43-year-old Seattle man, was arrested by the FBI at his home on Monday night and is expected to appear in court for the first time on Tuesday.

According to officials, the packages — which ended up at military bases, in a CIA mail-sorting facility, a White House mail-sorting facility in Virginia, a Navy factory, and other government locations — were not in danger of exploding (though at least one did contain explosive materials) and were most likely sent to cause fear rather than to harm. While some of the packages contained “rambling” letters, officials have not yet publicly stated a motive.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters that all of the packages that were sent to Department of Defense facilities were accounted for and being examined by the FBI after a “set procedure” was followed.

(Via NBC News)