The Senate Intelligence Committee Is Pulling All Trump Campaign Documents Since 2015

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News broke on Friday evening that Jared Kushner allegedly requested a secret communications channel with the Kremlin, but that was only the first bit of terrible news for the Trump team. The heat on the current administration from the Senate Intelligence Committee got even worse as they requested every Trump campaign document for their investigation. According to The Washington Post, this next step in their investigation — independent from the FBI’s probe into potential Russian collusion — sent letters to “President Trump’s political organization to gather and produce all documents, emails and phone records going back to his campaign’s launch in June 2015.”

While they are not allowed to speak publicly, former staffers have been told to cooperate with this next step in the investigation. Trump associates like Roger Stone and Carter Page have been drawn into the investigation, but this represents the first move by the Senate committee to explore the implications of Trump’s campaign structure.

Last week, former FBI director James Comey agreed to testify before the bipartisan committee, so this is merely the latest in a long line of blows against the Trump team’s credibility. If Trump’s team was hoping that the news cycle would settle down while he was out of the country, they were sorely disappointed.

(Via The Washington Post)