‘Serial’ Subject Adnan Syed Has Been Denied Bail Ahead Of His New Murder Trial

Ahead of his pending retrial for murder, Serial subject Adnan Syed has seen his latest request in court struck down. Syed’s attorney Justin Brown shared the news online, including the court’s release online for all to peruse. The main reason behind it seems to be connected to the state of Maryland’s efforts to appeal the decision to vacate Syed’s conviction:

Judge Welch denied the Motion, in large part, because of the open status of the case in the appeals court. (The State is attempting to appeal Judge Welch’s Order vacating Syed’s conviction and granting a new trial; multiple applications for leave to appeal are pending). Judge Welch also denied Syed’s request for a hearing.

While the news is disappointing, it doesn’t seem too surprising to those involved with Syed’s defense both in and out of court.

The real fight seems to be set for the appellate court and the final decision on whether Syed will get a new trial or if the vacated conviction will be put back into place. Entertainment Weekly reports that Brown will revisit the issue of bail if the appeal rules in their favor. He also notes that he has not been able to inform his client of the news yet. It could be some time for the appeals process, but it’s still incredible how much the podcast has played a part in this happening. Syed has spent the last 17 years in prison for the murder Hae Min Lee and would still be there facing life if not for the efforts of Serial. and his legal team.

(Via Brown And Nieto Law Firm / Entertainment Weekly)

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