Seth Meyers Offers A Look At Climate Change Under The Trump Administration

Out of all the things Donald Trump called out during his campaign for the presidency, one of his clearest enemies has always been climate change. His battle against wind power is well noted, as is his stance that climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese. It’s all bad enough coming from a presidential candidate, but now he has filled his cabinet with a slew of names that feel the same way and plan on making policy decisions based on those beliefs.

That’s where Seth Meyers’ latest ‘Closer Look’ takes its topic, looking a the sliver of hope within the administration and how some of the recent cabinet choices smashed that hope to pieces. You would think that Ivanka Trump’s interest in climate change and her meetings with Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, and Al Gore might help sway the line within Trump’s policies and force him to look at climate change in a different light. Then he makes Rick Perry the head of his energy department and that all goes out the window.

When Trump advisers are claiming the history of planet goes back 5,500 years while refuting the science behind climate change, you know there’s trouble on the horizon. Also, toss in Trump’s choice to head up the EPA who is already suing the EPA as an ally to the fossil fuel industry.

That doesn’t mean you should stop caring about and raising awareness on climate change, but it does mean that things are about to get a lot tougher.

(Via Late Night)