Seth Meyers Is Just As Baffled As Sweden Over Trump’s Fictitious Terror Attack Claims

The problem with trying to cover Trump in late night at the start of the week is that you’re always playing catch up. John Oliver talked about it before Last Week Tonight returned, pointing out that Trump does so much in the headlines that spending the time to figure out one thing leaves you behind on about a dozen other things. It’s not fun and I can’t blame Seth Meyers for still being focused on Chris Christie’s meat loaf and the president’s weird campaign rally on Saturday that put Sweden in the spotlight. There’s still some juice there, though, especially when InfoWars writers are offering to send people to Sweden to discover the truth and folks are still curious what Trump was smoking.

In the end, Meyers decides that the whole presidency has just been Trump’s strategy to find himself a friend. He’s surrounded himself with people he enjoys, he wants to find nice reporters with easy questions, and he dives back onto the campaign trail because he misses the adoration. And when you have folks like this guy willing to show up early, jump on stage, and salute a cardboard cutout of you on a daily basis, who can blame you? I’d want that kind of love too and the only person in my family that’s giving it out is my dog.

I can’t see Trump inviting other people on stage after this guy. Not only would it be pressing Trump’s luck at bringing people on stage despite the Secret Service really hating that, but it would also sully the friendship he’s created. Why do that to a guy with such devotion? Just bring him to every campaign stop, sorta like the inaugural member of Trump’s party posse.

(Via Late Night)