Seth Meyers On Trump’s Charlottesville Response: ‘Stand For A Nation Or Stand For A Hateful Movement, You Can’t Do Both’

Seth Meyers released his statement on the Charlottesville white supremacist rally and the horrible events that took place on Saturday early on Monday. And while the events of that day are still drawing reactions from many, Meyers saves most of his ire for President Trump and his tepid reaction the day of the rally. Trump’s “many sides” statement was a moment that passed by for the president and not even The White House’s follow-up statement or his updated condemnation of white supremacists on Monday can really make up for it. As Meyers says, it was pencils down on Saturday evening and the president only gets partial credit, particularly when seeing the alleged reaction from Nazi and white supremacists groups both on Saturday and today.

As the Late Night host puts it, Trump is seen by many in these movements to be their leader. The figurehead at the top that is in control and giving them this confidence to crawl out of their holes and into the streets. For those who weren’t aware or weren’t paying, the weekend in Virginia was that wake-up call moment that seems to be needed from time to time. And Trump’s response to that moment has probably said more to the wider group than most during his administration and campaign, allowing more to hear the dog whistles.

Meyers’ closing remark probably speaks for quite a few people right now, from those debating their roles in Trump’s administration to those who have been on the fence. The president is supposed to lead the nation, not just provide hollow platitudes and saying Trump can either “stand for a nation or stand for a hateful movement” is a strong way of defining that aspect.

(Via Late Night)