Seth Meyers Probes The Slimy Symbiotic Relationship Between Fox News And President Trump

Seth Meyers devoted his latest “A Closer Look” to the ongoing love affair between Fox News and President Donald Trump. That relationship took another turn into the creepy this week following the report on Bill O’Reilly’s sexual misconduct allegations. Instead of following Trevor Noah’s advice to call out the Fox News host over the allegations, Trump went in the other direction and said that he did nothing wrong and shouldn’t have settled. It’s just the latest in a string of public incidents that show how much Fox and Trump seem to benefit each other.

Not only is he calling out Fox And Friends from press conferences and praising them on Twitter, he’s also telling people to tune into certain Fox News programs and using them as the main source of support for his flimsy wiretapping allegations against President Obama. You even had Fox’s Eric Bolling go to bat with Trump with a chart that compared his first quarter with Obama’s first quarter. Even Bolling’s fellow panelists on The Five laugh at him, but Meyers creates a response that captures the issues with the chart perfectly:

O’Reilly and Trump get most of the segment to themselves, with a slight appearance by former Fox chief Roger Ailes. For Meyers, it’s business as usual for what he calls Trump’s “propaganda arm.” But with advertisers dropping from O’Reilly’s show and more attention being paid to the president’s focus on the network, you have to wonder how much longer this relationship can continue.

(Via Late Night)