Seth Meyers Relishes In The Failure Of Trump’s Highly Touted Dealmaking After Trumpcare’s Implosion

The collapse of GOP’s healthcare efforts at the end of last week has forced many in Washington to scramble and deflect the blame. Paul Ryan is deservingly receiving a hefty slice on his end, but Donald Trump is the one who seems keen on blaming anybody but himself for the failure of the bill to even go to a vote. That’s the aspect of the bill’s demise that seems to have Seth Meyers reacting the most. Trump spent speech after speech claiming that he’d repeal and replace Obamacare as his first act. While it is indeed hard to hold a politician to their word after they exit the campaign trail, Trump has also said he isn’t a politician and that he’s an expert dealmaker.

It all makes for a perfect storm of hypocrisy when it comes to the president and his current claims that the people shouldn’t have expected him to close a deal on healthcare only some 60 days into his presidency. Meyers brings up Trump’s Access Hollywood video, laughs at his past statements, and points out that Trump was playing Jack Burton while Ryan and other Republicans were attempting to gain votes.

Meyers also covers Trump’s fairly insane Fox News plug that ended up calling for Paul Ryan’s resignation and the reports that Trump was more upset about his inauguration crowd size than he was about the healthcare failure. The entire thing would be surprising if it didn’t involve Donald Trump — and would typically be enough to sink the presidency. Not this time around.

(ViaLate Night)

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