A South Carolina Man Who Kept A Woman Chained In A Storage Container Confessed To Killing Seven People

On Saturday, authorities reported that a South Carolina man who had been arrested in relation to the kidnapping of a man and a woman has confessed to killing at least six other people. The two who were kidnapped, Kala Brown and Charles Carver — a couple — had been missing since August 31. Brown was rescued last week on the same day Carver’s body was discovered.

The confessed killer, Todd Kohlepp, 45, is a registered sex offender who had been working as a realtor in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. He was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of kidnapping. Shortly thereafter, Brown was discovered chained alive in a storage container. Carver’s body was then recovered. In a videotaped statement, Brown said that she had witnessed Kohlepp shooting and killing her boyfriend. She also informed investigators that there were four other bodies buried on the 100-acre property in the town of Woodruff.

Investigators believe Kohlepp and Brown knew one another, and that the crime was not random. However, following his capture, Kohlepp admitted to murdering four people at a motorcycle shop in 2003. He then led authorities to two other bodies.

Chuck Wright, the Spartanburg County Sheriff, said that more bodies could be discovered, but did not elaborate.

(via Reuters)