A Bunch Of Squirrels Are Terrorizing A Christmas Lights Display In Toronto

Despite Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s claim in 2014 that the so-called “War on Christmas” was finally over, continued “assaults” by companies like Starbucks have given true believers plenty to chew on since. Yet what none of these cultural moderators have pointed out is the real danger that continually persists against the holiday spirit: squirrels. And not just any squirrels, but the nasty little devils who’ve apparently plagued the annual Christmas lights display in Toronto’s Mel Lastman Square.

According to a recent CBC News report, Toronto Councillor John Filion noted the city “cannot pin it on a squirrel, but a squirrel is the likely suspect.” As for the “it” in question, Filion was referring to the constant blackouts and various other damages incurred by the lighting displays city workers regularly hang up in the city parks near the square. “I believe it totally has to do with one or more squirrels who perhaps don’t like Christmas,” he added.

Whether it’s the actual electrical wiring powering the countless lights that adorn each strand, or the lines used to hang the lights across several trees and walking paths, something seems to be repeatedly attacking the displays. The result? No heartfelt, fancy Christmas lights for Mel Lastman Square area and, by extension, the denizens of Toronto hoping to celebrate the holiday spirit. Hence why Filion has spearheaded efforts to install “squirrel-proof” lights in place their older, chewed-up predecessors.

A CBC News reporter tried to interview a few squirrels present on the site, hoping to hear their side of the story. But just like O’Reilly’s controversial right-hand man, Jesse Watters, the squirrels avoided the reporter’s questions and fled the scene.

(Via CBC News)