Steve Bannon Inadvertently Shared His White House Agenda In A Whiteboard Selfie Gone Viral

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is notorious for his years spent running Breitbart News, which he lovingly crafted into a safe space for an anti-Semitic audience. His advocacy and influence in molding and propelling President Trump’s first Muslim ban was so blatant that folks began calling him President Bannon, and — of course — SNL portrays him as the Grim Reaper for his mastermind tendencies.

One might be curious to see exactly how Bannon comes up with his plans. The mechanism appears to be startlingly simple … he scrawls his nationalist objectives all over a whiteboard. Celebrity Rabbi Shmuley Boteach paid Bannon a visit, and the two men celebrated by posing for a photo (not quite a selfie, but let’s go with it anyway) in front of that board. Boteach called Steve “a great, stalwart friend of the Jewish State,” which is bizarre, but Bannon’s objectives have now been revealed for the world.

A few selected nationalist highlights on this board are as follows (and in the close-up image):

  • “Build the border wall and eventually make Mexico [pay for it].”
  • “Cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities.”
  • “Suspend immigration from terror prone regions.”
  • “Suspend the Syrian refugee Program.”

Here’s one more photo of Boteach and Bannon. This one looks like a genuine selfie and is captioned, “Thank u Steve for your love of Israel.” Huh.