Steve Harvey May Team Up With Ben Carson To ‘Bring Positive Change To Inner Cities’ For Donald Trump

What a difference a year makes for Steve Harvey. Dude was not having a good time during or after his Miss Universe screw up, which he later described as “four minutes of pure hell.” Yet he swiftly got back to Family Feud business, and now, he’ll be helping Donald Trump’s administration in some capacity. Speaking at Trump Tower, Harvey raved about the real estate mogul and president-elect, who he called a “genuine” person. And Harvey says he’ll be working with Ben Carson to improve inner cities:

“I came and talked to the guy who’s going to be the 45th President of the United States. [We spoke about] housing for urban development … He’s introduced me to Ben Carson … we’re going to team up to bring some positive change in the inner cities, which I felt was my only agenda, and he agreed. He wants to do something. And he realizes he needs some allies in that department. He seemed really sincere about it.”

Carson coasted through a relatively smooth Senate hearing on Thursday, so he’ll surely be running the Department of Housing and Urban Development (despite his earlier admission that he doesn’t have the experience for a cabinet position). Yet Harvey feels very positive about the matter because Trump “wants to do something.” What this something is, no one really knows, but it’s probably got plenty to do with Trump’s assertion that only he can save African-Americans from their urban hellscapes.

Harvey did notably point out that he will never run for public office: “I ain’t going to pass a background check.” *Soap opera stare*