Another Porn Star Has Reportedly Confirmed Stormy Daniels’ Affair With Donald Trump

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Despite providing Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, with a typed and signed statement denying the “alleged sexual encounter” with Donald Trump, it seems former porn star Stormy Daniels’ story doesn’t add up. That’s because, according to a new report, The Daily Beast had been working on a story — not unlike what the Wall Street Journal published late Friday — just before the November 2016 general election. Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, “ultimately backed out” of an interview for the article “just five days before the 2016 election,” but fellow porn star and witness Alana Evans did not.

According to Evans, who was also in Stateline, Nevada while Trump and Daniels were there for the 2006 American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, her colleague told her all about meeting the star of The Apprentice. Daniels said she would be “[hanging] out with him later that night” and invited Evans to come along. “Stormy said Donald knew exactly who she was and wanted to meet her.” She passed on the offer, but that didn’t stop Daniels from calling her repeatedly:

“Stormy calls me four or five times, by the last two phone calls she’s with Donald [Trump] and I can hear him, and he’s talking through the phone to me saying, ‘Oh come on Alana, let’s have some fun! Let’s have some fun! Come to the party, we’re waiting for you.’ And I was like, ‘OMG it’s Donald Trump!’ Men like him scare me because they have so much power and this was way before his presidential nomination. So I bailed on them and turned my phone off.”

None of this confirms an actual affair, of course. What Daniels reportedly told Evans the next morning, however, does lend credence (and a mental image far more horrendous than Trump’s famous bathrobe photo) to the WSJ‘s story.

“She tells me, ‘All I’m going to say is: I ended up with Donald in his hotel room. Picture him chasing me around his hotel room in his tighty-whities.’ I was like, ‘Oh I really didn’t need to hear that!’ Then she said he offered her keys to his condos in Florida, and I was like, ‘Wow guess you had a good night,’ and that was the last we ever spoke of it.”

A second and third source also confirmed Evans’ claims about Daniels and Trump’s affair. Both spoke with The Daily Beast anonymously, though one admitted they “[work] closely with Daniels” while the other hails from the adult entertainment industry. Neither apparently had anything to say about the would-be president’s “tighty-whities.”

(Via The Daily Beast)

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