The Far-Right Is Turning On ‘Neo-Con Puppet’ President Trump After His Strike On Syria

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It appears that the 59 tomahawk missiles fired by President Trump into a Syrian airfield late last night blew up more than just a couple runways and fuel tanks. They also managed to nuke the unwavering support from some of his most diehard conservative and notoriously white supremacist fans. Some of the President’s most loyal supporters during his presidential campaign are now openly mocking him on social media, declaring the missile strike against Syria as a monumental misstep in the first 100 days of his presidency. They also view this as a broken campaign promise to keep the United States out of another conflict in the Middle East.

At the forefront of the pack holding fiery torches and yelling into the dark sky was Nazi/white supremacist Richard Spencer, who reacted by, uh, endorsing another presidential candidate (not Trump) for the 2020 race. Following his lead were Paul Joseph Watson, a contributor to InfoWars; Mike Cernovich, a self-employed notoriously Trump-loving blogger with a massive social media following; former Fox News radio host Laura Ingraham; and author/professional anger-inducer Ann Coulter.

It also appears that Trump’s decision to intervene in Syria has royally enraged Breitbart readers. New America fellow Matt Stoller posted a screengrab of some of the choicest responses that he found in the site’s comments section to Twitter last night.

There is a fraction of Trump supporters (or ex-supporters, now) who are angry that military action was taken because they believe the chemical attacks were actually deployed by the “deep state” in an attempt to set the stage for another war. The baseless claims that the attack was a manufactured event have no basis in reality, but that’s a hurdle that’s never stopped the Trump-supporting conspiracy theorists before now.

(Via New York Times)