The birthers are underterred

If you’re an eternal optimist and thought that maybe, just maybe, this morning’s perfect storm of lunacy would result in the birther set going off quietly into the night, you were, well, sadly mistaken.

Reports Politico:

Phil Berg, who filed one of the original birther lawsuits, now believes that Obama was adopted by his Indonesian father and lost his U.S. citizenship:

“I think the issue is that he’s not any more natural born. I don’t care if he releases his birth certificate or whatever,” said Berg. “Let’s see his records coming back through immigration.”

Orly Taitz, once called ‘Queen of the birthers’ and who was responsible for a number of lawsuits, is verifying the document’s authenticity and now believes that the president is using a false social security number.

“In Obama’s Selective Service [document], his social security is listed as a Connecticut Social Security number,” said Taitz, who has tried to have forgeries introduced into court filings before.

Orly Taitz also insists that if the birth certificate were real, it would list Obama’s father as a “negro” instead of an “African.” And the world spins madly on…

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