‘The Daily Show’ Asks Two Transgender Army Veterans To Describe The True Toll Of Trump’s Military Ban

In the wake of Donald Trump’s latest morning tweet dump calling for a ban of transgender individuals from military service, people from all corners have shared the feelings and condemned the president’s stance. This includes members of congress, transgender veterans, critics of the president, the media, and those who once were considered supporters like Caitlyn Jenner. It was a day where Trump truly dominated the entire news cycle in a negative way and didn’t seem to mind judging from today’s press briefing and the introduction of Dylan “Pickle.” If the goal is all press is good press, the administration is succeeding.

But Trump’s words and ban have a real toll. The Daily Show got a first hand look at just how this would affect those transgender individuals currently serving by speaking directly to two transgender Army veterans. SGM (Ret.) Jennifer Marie Young and Joey Whimple both joined Trevor Noah for a mid-show interview segment to illuminate the real cost of banning transgender people from the military and what their experience during their service. Young in particular seemed to control the interview by recounting all that she had did and accomplished during her time in the Army, including achieving the rank of Sergeant Major, the “most senior enlisted member” in the branch.

The sad part is how her status as a transgender person was revealed near the end of her career and she was essentially forced to retire. There wasn’t a need for a ban in her situation and even great success didn’t save her from the scrutiny of superiors.

With the ban, Young and Whimple both agree that it would cause an immediate reduction of 15,000 service members from across the different branches of the military. That would include people like Young, Whimple, and Navy SEAL Kristin Beck regardless of their service, achievements, and expertise. Judging from the reactions, it’s a decision that doesn’t seem to be planted in reality — unless you’re looking it as a pure political move.

Getting a reaction from those who would be affected is far stronger than just someone shouting online or those in Congress who are also playing a political game. These are real people with their lives at stake essentially.

(Via The Daily Show)