‘The Daily Show’ Explains How Trump’s Business Conflicts Will Turn His Presidency Into A Part-Time Job

While the rest of late night television extended the Thanksgiving holiday for some extra time off, The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah returned Monday night with a vengeance. His target? The many reported business conflicts of President-elect Donald Trump, and whether or not their mere existence — let alone countless possible consequences for international relations — poses a problem for his presidency. (The answer is yes, obviously.)

“Clearly Donald Trump is the winner of Thanksgiving. He’s got so much to be thankful for,” Noah told his audience. “He was elected president, which means all those time travelers clearly failed. And on top of all of that, he’ll be the first Commander-in-Chief who’s doing president as his part-time job.”

Noah cited a CNN report in which former White House ethics lawyers dubbed Trump’s many business dealings a “constitutional crisis,” as well as a New York Times report over the holiday weekend that outlined the president-elect’s global business ties. With more and more evidence of potential problems accumulating every day, it seems Trump’s personal finances — regardless of whether or not he gifts them to his children before taking office in January — will pose a major problem for the 45th President of the United States.

That is, if Trump were willing to reveal the details himself.

“That’s a very good question. A question you’d think would be answered after a 17-month campaign, 100 debates and 12 billion hours of press coverage — but we spent all that time on emails!” Noah quipped. “We know so much about emails now, have you noticed that? We know about IMAP, we know about POP3, BleachBit and every type of server. Hell, we even know the shape and general size of Anthony Weiner’s dick, but we know almost nothing about where Trump’s money is.”