‘The Daily Show’ Felt The VP Debate Effectively Made Sure We’ll All Miss Joe Biden

Many Americans sat through the match-up of slices of white bread that was the first and last Vice Presidential Debate of this campaign cycle. Tim Kaine and Mike Pence faced off about issues such as police brutality, paying taxes (a surprisingly divisive issue!), and how to deal with Russia on a whole lot of levels. What it didn’t have, though, was Joe Biden. Joe Biden was not a part of the VP Debate. And he never will be again. Because as of January, Biden is no longer our Vice President and that, to be honest, is a HUGE bummer. Huge.

No matter which side of the aisle you land on, it’s fair to say that at the very least Joe Biden is a highly entertaining Vice President. Regardless of his various policies, and what you might think of them, it’ll be a shame that there won’t be at least a chance we could all wake up one morning to fresh pictures of Joe Biden eating ice cream.

The Daily Show agrees. Senior Campaign Correspondent Hasan Minhaj broke down the debate thusly when asked who won the debate: “Who cares!” Minhaj correctly called out how boring both new prospective VP’s are (they might be dads, but they are mayo in human form). Biden might not have actually done all the stunts in Furious 7 but he did in our hearts. Tim Kaine may end up being a pretty great VP, but there’s pretty much no chance Timmy ol’ boy is going to tell somebody in a wheelchair to stand. We should be mad about that even eight years later but to be fair Biden was probably thinking about a really cute puppy he saw three days before.

Everyone will miss you, Joe Biden. Enjoy eating vanilla ice cream and being ever so slightly racist for all of your retirement days.