Congratulations, America: You’re The Texting & Driving Champion In The Second Episode Of ‘The Desk’

It’s no secret – America likes to lead the world in pretty much everything. Defense spending. Olympic gold medals. Texting and driving. Yes, America is the No. 1 country at texting and driving. Take that, world.

As Beth Stelling recaps in the second episode of The Desk, two-thirds of Americans have admitted to texting and driving in the last month. Two-thirds. Meaning? There’s a fairly decent chance you just read that last sentence at a stoplight. Possibly even tweeted about it.

None of this news is good, of course, because frankly most of you are not very good at it. (Especially the guy in the white van who almost sideswiped me this morning.) Turns out, texters are six times more likely to cause an accident than drunk drivers. And if you’re texting while drunk, I don’t have an official stat on that, but let’s just put it this way… not good.

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