‘The View’ Got Heated During A Discussion About How Hillary Won The Popular Vote

On Tuesday morning the ladies of The View were discussing remarks made by John McCain in a recent interview with Esquire, in which the 2008 presidential candidate said that he thought it was time for Hillary Clinton to step out of the spotlight — between her memoir about losing the election and media appearances. Joy Behar’s opinion on the matter was that she respectfully disagreed, being that Meghan McCain was also part of the conversation. “I think a woman’s place is in the resistance,” she said. “The woman won the election.”

Co-host Sara Haines agreed that, while she had personally voted for Hillary, it maybe would have been more appropriate to wait a bit before releasing the book, given that she didn’t win the election. “But she did win. She did win, and I won’t give that up,” countered Behar.

“She didn’t win,” fired back McCain. “She won the popular vote, but we don’t elect Presidents of the United States by the popular vote.” “But the numbers are still there,” Behar continued, to which McCain hotly responded, “Does that make you feel good at night, like when you’re so angry at Trump, does that make you feel better?”

Things continued to escalate between the two, until Sunny Hostin interrupted to diffuse the situation by remarking that Hillary winning the popular vote did indeed make her feel better. “Because that tells me that the majority of Americans understand that racism is wrong, that otherism is wrong, and that a woman can lead. So it makes me feel more comfortable.”