This Woman Was Busted For Racking Up 10 Husbands In A Statewide Marriage Spree

Runaway bride

Not to be outdone by the Chinese man who almost got away with 17 girlfriends, a New York woman has been arrested after trying to break the world record in marrying as many men as possible without a divorce.

DNAinfo reports that Liana Barrientos has spent the last eleven years allegedly traveling from county to county and catching a husband in each one. It’s kind of like Pokemon, but completely illegal:

Barrientos got her start in Eastchester, where she married her first husband on Nov. 5 1999, prosecutors say. She then went on to marry two more men — one in Rye and the other in Yonkers — in 2001.

She tacked on six more husbands within a six month period in 2002 — saying “I do” in Hempstead, Ramapo, Huntington, Greenburgh, Mamaroneck and White Plains — according to her criminal complaint.

Barrientos would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for a meddling county clerk in the Bronx who noticed trouble with Barrientos claiming that her tenth marriage was her first and only. And what’s even stranger is that Barrientos had used her real name and social security number in every one of her marriages, starting with the first in 1999.

Barriento’s due to appear in court this week. No word on whether all of her current husbands will be invited to attend the proceedings.

(Via DNAinfo)