Three Zebras Led The Police On A High-Speed Chase

Three life-loving zebras decided to go out for a stroll in Brussels today, which makes sense because it’s a nice city with lovely scenery. Unfortunately, the police (and whoever’s the zebras’ regular cruise captain) weren’t as keen on three wild and crazy zebras just rolling through town after escaping the local ranch where they live.

The Guardian reports that the zebras weren’t particularly easy to catch as they took in the sights and sounds of Belgium:

The animals, which have now been caught, were chased through the city by up to five police cars after they escaped from a local zebra ranch.

It is thought that they used the Van Praet tunnel to walk to the centre of Brussels, where they enjoyed a casual stroll along the canal. Images also showed the animals – known collectively as a herd, cohort, zeal or dazzle – trotting behind moving cars.

Drivers were warned to watch out for the zebras to make sure that none of the animals were hit and probably for the safety of the drivers, who might have thought they were hallucinating when they saw all those stripes in the rearview mirror.

Oh, also people on Twitter were really into it.

The zebras’ short jaunt marks the second time the internet has freaked out about animals roaming free this year. I just hope fights don’t break out over whether the zebras or the llamas did it better.

(via Gawker)