Tornadoes Sweep Through The South, Killing And Injuring Many

This CNN video features Donald Trump addressing the aftermath of a natural disaster for the first time as president. In doing so, he vowed federal support following a wave of storms that ripped through the South, killing at least 18 people and injuring 50 more. Trump noted how he’d already spoken with Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, who declared a state of emergency for seven counties. Trump spoke with VP Mike Pence at his side: “On behalf of all of us, Gov. Deal, condolences.”

Deal also addressed the disaster on Sunday while urging citizens to remain “vigilant” following the storms, which are considered a rarity in January outside of the typical spring-to-fall tornado season. Unusually warm weather appears to be the cause of tornadoes that struck several states (including Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama) with Georgia and Mississippi sustaining the most severe damage.

The New York Times reveals the extent of the devastation in southern Mississippi, where a twister uprooted trees and tossed vehicles on Saturday morning. However, Georgia appears to have sustained the full brunt of Mother Nature’s fury. Thousands of Georgians remain without electricity and significant damage to many churches and businesses. Hundreds of homes in the state also saw damage after a reported 20 tornadoes struck during three waves of severe weather throughout the weekend.

Jeff Lane, a county commissioner in Georgia, spoke to the media about what he witnessed on Sunday morning:

“It’s like a bomb had been dropped out here at ground level. You’ve got mobile-home frames that look like spaghetti noodles. We’ve tried to evacuate as many as we can. But it’s raining real hard, and we’re getting ready to start another round of storms.”

If you wish to help victims of these storms, the easiest method is through a donation to the Salvation Army, which is providing assistance and supplies in many areas with a heavy emphasis in Mississippi.

(Via New York Times, CNN, LA Times & Salvation Army)