Trevor Noah Wonders Whether ‘President Jared Kushner’ Leaves Anything Left For Trump To Do

Tuesday’s Daily Show featured the latest installment of Trevor Noah’s quest to discover who the real president is at the current time. Up to this point, we’ve seen Steve Bannon and Fox News take the title, but tonight brings us a man who literally married into his position next to Donald Trump. That would be Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s husband and current director of the Office of American Innovation, climbing on the shoulder’s of giants to take the lead as the true ruler of the government. And judging from his list of duties and his current trek through the desert to defeat ISIS or offer them some “deal,” Kushner is earning his position as the shadow leader of the free world.

It makes you wonder if Trump has anything left to do after Kushner is finished restructuring veteran care, revamping the entire government, tackling the opioid epidemic, dealing with the justice system, and then his official job with the government. It’s almost like Kushner is not human or something. He could be the perfect political engine, seemingly without proper experience but running on the knowledge of dozens of businessmen from across history in his mainframe. Then again he could just be some sort of mythical creature, maybe a Randall Flagg type of figure. The dark, skinny man in the desert, pulling the strings while the “puppet” leader sits at home and golfs every weekend.

It’s either something cool like that or Trump is just a big fan of his daughter’s husband. That’s a little boring, though.

(Via The Daily Show)