Report: Trump Tweeted His Unfounded Wiretapping Claims After An Aide Stuck A Breitbart Story Into His Reading Pile

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Six days ago, Donald Trump accused Obama of tapping his phones at Trump Tower, despite offering no evidence. Many are aware that Trump tweeted this accusation on the morning after Breitbart published a key story, which revolved around Mark Levin’s right-wing conspiracy theory about Obama leading a “silent coup” against the new White House.

Now, the Associated Press provides an added detail about how a Trump aide reportedly slipped the article into Trump’s Saturday morning reading pile. This is actually a standard move because Trump loves Breitbart, but it provides more confirmation on how Trump arrived at his wiretapping accusations, which were based on a fake news story.

Also, the Associated Press reveals more details about Trump’s media consumption habits, which include his well-known cable news addiction:

“Trump usually rises before 6 a.m. and first watches TV in the residence before later moving to a small dining room in the West Wing. A short time later, he’s given a stack of newspapers … as well as pile of printed articles from other sources including conservative online outlets like Breitbart News. The TVs stay on all day. The president often checks in at lunch and again in the evening, when he retires to the residence, cellphone in hand.”

Trump apparently jumped at the chance to create a new narrative in the media, as he was already in a sour mood after the whole Jeff Sessions-Russia situation. The AP notes that junior aides usually put together Trump’s morning reading packet, and sometimes a senior staff member includes an article that Trump might want to see. One thing is certain — Trump seems ready to believe whatever ends up in the pile.

(Via The Associated Press)