A Former Trump Aide Is Ranting On Cable News About Robert Mueller And Suggests That Trump ‘May Have Done Something’

On Sunday, word dropped of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s subpoena for communications between Donald Trump and nine of his closest campaign aides. That would include emails, text messages, and other documents all the way back to November 2015. Well, former Trump campaign aide Sam Numberg received this subpoena, and he’s incensed. While speaking to MSNBC’s Katy Tur (before talking with CNN, as detailed below), Nunberg declared that although he’s already spoken with Mueller’s team, and he’s been directed to appear before Mueller’s grand jury on Friday, he’s refusing to go. And he’s not going to hand over his emails either:

“What they sent me was absolutely ridiculous … Should I spend 50 hours going over all my emails with Roger [Stone] and Steve Bannon … with Hope Hicks, with Corey Lewandowski? I’m not gonna cooperate when they insinuate that Roger Stone was colluding with Julian Assange. Roger is my mentor, Roger’s like family to me … the president’s right, it’s a witch hunt … why does Bob Mueller need to see my emails when I send Roger and Steve clips, and we talk about how much we hate people?”

Right there, everyone just learned that Stone and Bannon send clips to each other and make catty remarks about “how much we hate people.” Nunberg wasn’t done, however. In the below clip and on the issue of Mueller’s probe subject (alleged collusion with Russia), Nunberg said of Trump, “I think that he may have done something during the election.” He then hastily added, “I don’t know that for sure … I can’t explain it unless you were in there.” (Nunberg had already stated that he wasn’t a Trump fan, and he offers no proof.)

Watch the full (and entirely bonkers) MSNBC clip of Nunberg below.

Numberg wasn’t even close to done yet. After telling the Washington Post, “Let him arrest me, ” he popped over to CNN and told Gloria Borger that Trump “treated me like crap,” but he’s not willing to sit through more grand jury proceedings after spending five hours testifying already: “I’m not going back in!” He then switched course on Trump while insisting, “I’m not protecting him, but he didn’t do anything.” Here’s that clip (which happened before Nunberg told Jake Tapper that he was “very impressed” with Mueller, and “I think they have [Trump] on something.)

Here’s that Tapper clip. Nunberg’s on a very inconsistent roll today….

(Via MSNBC, CNN & Washington Post)