Trump Is Reportedly Trying To Avoid The Possibility Of Being Questioned By Robert Mueller

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While President Trump insists everything he’s done, or ever did, regarding Russia was “100 percent proper,” Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion isn’t simply going to rest on the Donald’s public claims. Hence why the former FBI director’s team is reportedly negotiating the conditions of a potential presidential interview with Trump’s personal legal team. And according to NBC News, Trump’s team is trying everything it can to “avoid an interview altogether” — including the possibility of “potential compromises.”

Per NBC News, the interview negotiation process began in earnest following Paul Manafort’s indictment in October:

The discussions were described by one person with direct knowledge as preliminary and ongoing. Trump’s legal team is seeking clarification on whether the president would be interviewed directly by Mueller, as well as the legal standard for when a president can be interviewed, the location of a possible interview, the topics and the duration. But the president’s team is also seeking potential compromises that could avoid an interview altogether.

Said “compromises” include Trump “[submiting] written responses in place of an interview” or “an affidavit… affirming he was innocent of any wrongdoing and denying any collusion.” Yet as former U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg explained to NBC News, “Prosecutors want to see and hear folks in person. They want to probe and follow up. Body language and tone are important.” In other words, if Mueller and his team can legally interview the president as part of their special inquiry, then they probably won’t pass on the opportunity without a fight.

(Via NBC News)