The President-Elect Of The U.S. Is Whining Again On Twitter About A Photo Of Himself He Doesn’t Like

Getty Image

On January 20, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as U.S. president. There’s still plenty of work to be done before that day, but he’s distracted by other matters of the utmost importance (to him). That is, he’s complaining on Twitter about a photo that CNN chose for a book, Unprecedented (as opposed to his version, “unpresidented”), which details his stunning path to election victory. Trump hopes that the book does well, but he’s upset that the cable news network chose the “worst cover photo of me!”

Exactly which photo Trump is referring to isn’t entirely clear. Here’s what CNN is advertising on Twitter.

And here’s how the book appears on Amazon’s website, although this could be the December version of the book, since the Amazon description mentions a second printing, the “Inaugural Edition.” That would probably be the first photo that appears above.

Regardless of which picture Trump is beefing over, we’ll soon have a president who complains about photos of himself. Sort of like when Axl Rose and Beyonce tried to erase not-so-kind images of themselves on the internet, Trump can’t stop himself from grumbling.

There’s also the awkward reality that both of the above photos aren’t at all unflattering compared to, you know, other images. This would include one particular Getty photo — which is legitimately bad — that Trump absolutely hates. And of course, Twitter began to remind Trump of this image.

He kinda brought this on himself. Also, one brave fellow told Trump that he shouldn’t be upset about the CNN cover because, well, it looks just like him.