Donald Trump Is Throwing A ‘FRAUD’ Twitter Tantrum Over The Florida Election Recount Efforts

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Lawyers for the Democrats are currently descending on Broward County, Florida, over ballots that are still being tallied that could swing the recent midterm elections blue. Governor Rick Scott, who won with 50,000 votes in Tuesday’s Senate race Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson, still has a roughly 34,000 vote lead. That could change however, as ballots continue to be counted in Broward, which is Florida’s second largest and one of its most Democratic counties where 1.2 million people are registered to vote.

The results are likewise tightening the gubernatorial race between Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis. Although Gillum did concede after Tuesday’s election, by Thursday afternoon the counts had narrowed to the point that it crossed the 0.5 percent automatic recount threshold.

Given that Florida is a hotly-contended swing state, and DeSantis would likely play a huge role in fundraising and providing resources ahead of the 2020 presidential elections, Donald Trump is unsurprisingly not thrilled about the threat of a recount. While California burns to the ground, on Friday morning into the afternoon, Trump tweeted about Florida election results, going off on a particularly unhingey tweetstorm accusing Democrats of all-caps FRAUD.

Trump has been especially grumpy since Tuesday’s election after having lost the House to Democrats, so the possibility of losing Florida on top of everything is clearly not helping.

Meanwhile, Rick Scott has announced a lawsuit against Democratic elections supervisors of Broward and Palm Beach Counties and has demanded an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.