Donald Trump: My Campaign Would Be A ‘Tremendous Waste Of Time, Energy, And Money’ If I Lose

On Election Day, Donald Trump made his routine call to Fox & Friends to claim that if he loses the election, it will all be for nothing. Trump cited how he has supposedly paid $100 million out of his own pocket to finance his campaign, which was quickly fact-checked.

Trump’s finances have been a topic of debate this election season, with him being coy and boasting about them at the same time. His tax returns have been the subject of controversy and speculation past few months with constant deflection maneuvers on display. But what he hasn’t been quiet about is his wealth. He has boasted about his bank account, his properties, and how much he has had to pay this election cycle. When broached about a possible defeat on Election Day, Trump said he would be upset he committed so many resources to a failed campaign:

“If I don’t win, I will consider it a tremendous waste of time, energy and money. I will have spent over $100 million on my own campaign.”

Trump may be inflating the numbers a bit, as Raw Story reported FEC filings showed Trump has only spent $66 million of his own dough on his campaign. How Trump’s campaign has been financed has been a source of controversy as well. At one point, he said he was $35 million under budget, and then it was reported he used campaign funds to help push sales of his book. You can watch the entire Fox & Friends interview with Trump below where he also goes on to cement his feud with Jay-Z and Beyonce.

(Via Fox News & Raw Story)