Trump Goes On A Bizarre Oval Office Rant About What He Calls The ‘Real Russia Story’

In an Oval Office meeting about Puerto Rico’s recovery from Hurricane Maria, President Trump took one of his signature turns and began ranting about Russian uranium and the apparent media conspiracy to cover up why Moscow has so much of this particular resource. As Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rossello looked on, and the press snapped photographs, Trump grew increasingly worked up while lecturing reporters on the “real Russia story” and the “big subject” of uranium stores.

The subject had been on the President’s mind all day. This morning, he tweeted about a Russian uranium deal involving both Hillary Clinton and former president Obama. He was referring to a 2010 deal, in which the State Department and Committee on Foreign Investment agreed that a Canadian mining company called Uranium One could sell 20% of the U.S. uranium supply to a Russian energy company called Rosatom that primarily operates in the nuclear sector.

“I think that’s your Russia story. That’s your real Russia story,” Trump said of the uranium deal at the end of his Puerto Rican press conference. He crossed his arms and grew adamant while arguing, “Not the one where they talk about collusion — and there was none. It was a hoax.”

The President went on to blame the media for not giving the uranium story enough coverage. He suggested that the reason for that silence was because doing so “affects people that they protect,” reiterating his belief that the leftist media is unfairly biased in favor of Clinton, Obama, and other liberals. “It’s a disgrace,” the President said. “That is to me one of the big stories of the decade. Not just now. Of the decade.”

The below clip shows how Trump also discussed the Puerto Rican recovery effort with the U.S. territory’s governor. He had as much praise for the feds’ role in assisting Puerto Rico as he had contempt for the uranium-ignoring press, declaring that the recovery was “a 10” and an “A+” despite his assessment that Hurricane Maria brought more devastation than Katrina. Trump told the press, “In many ways it was worse than anything we’ve ever seen.” Watch below.

(Via Fox News)