Trump Insists That It Was A ‘Sheriff’s Star’ He Tweeted, Not The Star Of David

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Visits His Scottish Golf Course
Getty Image / Donald Trump

Donald Trump is finally defending himself over this weekend’s controversial Star of David post on Twitter by doing what he does best: blaming the media. Trump takes the established line that the star is nothing but a normal, regular, everyday star and ran with it. That and the idea that this star is really just a sheriff’s badge, which makes no sense since the title on the star is for “most corrupt candidate ever.”

You have to give credit here because everybody has stuck together on this topic. Jeffrey Lord even managed to take it one step further by making light of the situation and then taking a stand against anti-Semites:

And just to prove that Trump himself isn’t anti-Semitic, he tweeted out a statement on the passing of Elie Wiesel:

Hillary Clinton did the same, of course, as did many others in the political realm, but folks like Lord are calling the left anti-Semitic. There’s also a push by several outlets to pull Clinton into controversy via these comments by Max Blumenthal on Elie Wiesel:

Sites like Breitbart are noting the connection between Clinton and Sid Blumenthal, Max’s father, while pointing towards the opinion as heinous:

Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel died on Saturday at the age of 87. He was a living witness to the horrors of antisemitism taken to its logical conclusion, and a powerful spokesman for the cause of Zionism and the ideals of America.

Which is precisely why terror sympathizers and antisemites like Max Blumenthal — son of Hillary Clinton’s close associate, Sid Blumenthal, and a Jew who hates both Israel and the Jewish people into which he was born — celebrated Wiesel’s death.

Maybe Trump is right about the media spinning things into how they want supporters to perceive it? But even if he is, that’s still a Star of David in that tweet and the campaign changed it for a reason.

(Via Donald Trump / Breitbart / Max Blumenthal)