Donald Trump Signed His First Bill Into Law Shortly After His Inaugural Speech

President Donald Trump wasted no time on Inauguration Day, and as anticipated, he signed several documents shortly after taking office. Today, Trump tackled a small pile of papers, including a bill passed by Congress that will allow Gen. James Mattis to assume the defense secretary job. The effect of the bill waives the usual requirement that seven years must pass before a military officer would qualify. Trump also plans to soon sign additional “very meaningful” documents.

(Note: Mattis was confirmed by the Senate on Friday afternoon.)

The newly elected president said he was going to hit the ground running when he sets up shop in the White House and has remained true to that statement. Although his combative inaugural speech wasn’t as epic as the photo of him “writing” his inaugural address, Trump has work to do. As Reuters reported, his advisers have vetted more than 200 potential orders, ranging from a number of policies including healthcare, immigration, energy and climate policy. It has yet to be reported if he will swap out all the presidential pens in favor of his trademark sharpie.

Despite him saying he was going to take the weekend off, Trump seems to have a packed schedule ahead. He plans on visiting CIA headquarters, which will be interesting since Trump has been critical of U.S. intelligence agencies, likening them to Nazi Germany.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says Trump is also planning to send a notice of withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, as he wants to reconfigure trade in the U.S.

(Via Reuters, KTLA & CNN)