Report: Trump’s Golfing Habits Show That He Spends A Staggering Amount Of Time On The Links

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During the Obama administration, a common criticism from the Right was that the President spent too much time golfing. To be fair, our 44th president did spend a lot of time on the links, playing 306 games over the course of his eight years in the White House (roughly 38 rounds a year), more than Bush or Clinton.

Donald Trump tweeted his criticism of Obama’s habits back in 2014, and as is the case with many of Donald Trump‘s old tweets, it has come back to haunt him.

According to a new report from NBC News, Trump has spent 35 out of 164 days in office at various golf resorts, including Trump properties in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Mar-A-Lago. While it’s unclear how many of those days were actually spent golfing, Vox broke down the comparative data further: “By April 28, Trump had spent 19 days at the golf course. In comparison, Barack Obama had spent one day at the same point in his presidency, George W. Bush had spent zero, and Bill Clinton had spent five.”

During a 2016 campaign stop in Virginia, Trump claimed “I’m going to be working for you; I’m not going to have time to go play golf.” Like so many of his campaign promises, it’s all turned out to be hot air.

(Via NBC News, Vox)