President Trump Randomly Took A ‘Rocket Man’ Shot At Kim Jong-Un During His Tax Plan Speech

Surrounded by a veritable forest of Christmas trees, Donald Trump took a brief detour from talking about his tax plan to deride Kim Jong-un by calling him “rocket man.” The president’s braggadocio about the Republican package of tax cuts quickly turned into a snide aside about North Korea’s latest missile test. That launch occurred yesterday, while State Secretary Rex Tillerson made a case for the same tax plan by arguing that budget cuts to his department were in anticipation of resolving several foreign policy dilemmas.

“These massive tax cuts will be rocket fuel,” Trump told the crowd in St. Charles, Missouri. He paused for effect as the crowd began to chuckle at the reference before shouting, “Little rocket man!” He then concluded the plan would be “rocket fuel for the American economy.” This wasn’t the only insult Trump had for the North Korean leader, however, as he also called Jong-un “a sick puppy.”

Trump was on a roll on Wednesday. He earned backlash in the morning for retweeting several anti-Muslim videos that were previously spread by Al-Queda, as well as a British far-right organization. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders defended the president’s decision to share the videos by suggesting because “the threat is real,” the veracity of the videos didn’t matter.

(Via: CBS News)

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