A Man Scaled Trump Tower With Suction Cups Like ‘Spider-Man’

A crowd formed late this afternoon in New York City to take in the bizarre sight of a would-be Spider-Man scaling Manhattan’s Trump Tower using the magic of suction cups. Y’know, because it’s a man climbing Trump Tower using suction cups.

An unidentified man decked out in climbing gear trekked his way up the NYC skyscraper for reasons that aren’t 100 percent clear. It appears the climber posted a video on YouTube yesterday explaining his reasoning for the stunt and the person in the clip stresses that the reason they’ve embarked on the climb is to discuss an important matter. (h/t Boing Boing on the transcript)

“I am an independent researcher seeking a private audience with you to discuss an important matter,” the long-haired young man says. “I guarantee that it is in your interest to honor this request.

“Believe me, if my purpose was not significant, I would not risk my life pursuing it,” he says, as if reading a script. The uploader who posted this video on YouTube is named “Leven Thumps,” which appears to be a reference to a series of children’s fantasy novels.

“The reason I climbed your tower was to get your attention,” the man says. “If I had sought this via conventional means, I would be much less likely to have success, because you are a busy man with many responsibilities.”

No word yet on if the endeavor has grabbed Donald Trump‘s attention (he’s in Virginia at the moment), but it certainly has kept Twitter glued to the mystery man’s efforts. Pictures, videos and quips (OH IT IS A QUIP PARADE) have been lighting up the social media service.

The man’s ascent up Trump Tower even featured a harrowing moment where police broke glass in the building in an attempt to intercept the climber. That didn’t deter him. He just decided to work at avoiding the cops.

He couldn’t hold them off the whole way, though. As you can see from the footage, it wasn’t exactly a graceful snatching of Climb Man. Frankly, we’re just happy he didn’t plunge to his death.

(Via CNN & New York Post)