Donald Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud Expert’ Happens To Be Registered To Vote In Three States

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Gregg Phillips, the man who is fueling Donald Trump’s hopes of voter fraud, was registered to vote in three states during the 2016 election. This tidbit comes as Phillips supported Trump’s false claim that 3 million votes were cast, although he has yet to produce any concrete evidence (because there isn’t any).

Despite Trump’s own campaign lawyers telling him the election was “not tainted,” Trump said he wants an investigation because he can’t handle losing the popular vote. Trump seems to think Phillips can lead the charge. So far, Phillips has only produced an ill-advised interview on CNN, which didn’t reveal any evidence or his methods.

Neither Trump nor Phillips may enjoy the findings, as Tiffany Trump is registered in two states, and Steve Bannon is also registered in multiple states. As for Phillips, the Associated Press reports that he’s registered in Alabama, Texas, and Mississippi. His status is “inactive” in Mississippi and “suspended” in Texas, but “Officials in both states told the AP that Phillips could have voted, however, by producing identification and updating his address at the polls.”

Phillips, however, has brushed off concerns:

“Why would I know or care? Doesn’t that just demonstrate how broken the system is? That is not fraud — that is a broken system. We need a national ID that travels with people.”

Even though Phillips, Bannon, and Tiffany didn’t vote in their multiple registered states, the situation doesn’t look good for Trump. He has made it his mission to prove people were voting in multiple states, which may only turn into a headache for him.

(Via The Associated Press)