Two Dads Drove Their Sons From Montreal To The Very First KFC For A Quick Meal

KFC bus runs in New Zealand
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Much to the chagrin of my doctor, I demand my weekly indulgence of processed animal parts and grease served in a timely and efficient manner. But this doesn’t hold a candle to Montreal residents and longtime friends Brian Lutfy and Neil Janna, whose cravings took them and and their sons on a cross-continental journey to the finger-lickin’ epicenter of fried chicken: Corbin, Kentucky. Why? Because that’s where the original Kentucky Fried Chicken is.

Just to give you an idea of the length these fellas went for some 11 herbs and spices:

They crossed two Canadian provinces — Quebec and Ontario, five American states — New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, drove approximately 3,364 kilometers (about 2,090 miles), and spent five days away from home. (Via)

The trip was designed as a family bonding experience. It was also meant to open the boys’ eyes to the culinary wonder that is THE COLONEL. After what I am sure was some electrifying sightseeing along the way, the “Montreal 6” arrived in Corbin to some fanfare:

With frantic but friendly waves, a combination of local diners plus hungry visitors from other states and at least one foreign country greeted them, as their blue van with a bucket of KFC stuck on the top pulled into the cafe’s parking lot. (Via)

After 34 hours of driving, though, the meal didn’t last very long:

Some 20 minutes later, their dinner was finished.

The crew was full. And a feeling of accomplishment was felt.

The final chapter to the 30-year-old story was complete. (Via)

That’s not a lot of time for food, but nothing has shaken my worldview more that finding out that KFC’s are called “Poulet Frit Kentucky” in Quebec. This is the new “Royale with Cheese,” and I will use it as useless bar knowledge for the rest of my days.

(Via The Times Tribune)